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Why Choose Our Precision Manufacturing Services? Here’s How We Can Help

Author: WST FAB


May 24, 2021

From small jobs of custom-engineered parts and prototypes to huge jobs that require major horizontal and vertical cutting capability, we are here to serve your machining needs.

As a company of creative innovators, we crave diverse challenges in our shop. We specialize in industries like agriculture, lawn and garden, oil and gas, construction and off highway, industrial equipment, hydraulics and more. We also work with many materials including castings, carbon, alloy, stainless, aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and plastic.

We hear from many companies wondering exactly what we’re capable of, and how we can help with their current projects. The answer? Read on to find out.


CNC Precision Machining

When your company is facing a project that requires tight tolerances and specifications, precision machining is a great option. 

Precision machining is about accuracy and efficiency: we start with raw materials and apply our careful engineering expertise to remove excess until we shave to a desired shape for your project. 

Depending on the size of the project and the materials involved, various precision machining tools and techniques will be used. With CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers and CNC turning lathes in house, we have a variety of machines capable of achieving various desired outputs. 

Our CNC machining is centered around these core distinguishing factors:

  • Production oriented
  • Highly Engineered Machined Parts
  • Engineering and VA/VE expertise
  • Multiple Journeyman Machinists on staff
  • Cellular manufacturing

We can work well with companies looking at projects big and small. Very few companies can offer both precision machining of tiny parts and large-batch processing of quantity machine parts. We handle it all, from small jobs of custom-engineered parts and prototypes to huge jobs that require major horizontal and vertical cutting capability.



We are up to any and every unique challenge! Let our engineer team run with your design and project needs to cut, bend and process your next project. We offer additional value-added services that help take your parts engineering to a new level with a superior level of quality that comes from precision engineering, fabrication, and finishing.

Our Fabrication skills are centered around these core distinguishing factors:

  • Production Large Format Fiber Laser cutting and Forming
  • High speed press brake production
  • Specialized Kitting
  • Robotic and Manual Welding


Wisconsin Steel and Tube

WST Fab is the sister company of Wisconsin Steel and Tube, meaning you can come to one place for multiple solutions. Wisconsin Steel and Tube offers the following capabilities:

  • Metals distribution
  • Inventory management and specialized kitting and packaging
  • Production CNC Tube laser cutting ranging up to 12” diameter
  • Both Fiber and CO2 tube laser cutting
  • Production CNC Tube Bending
  • ROPS products


Quality, custom jobs for your needs

We offer world class quality and delivery metrics, checked with our advanced inspection technology. We enjoy custom projects and encourage you to reach out with questions about how our creative innovation can match your needs, as our team of precision craftsmen design and produce exactly what you need quickly and reliably.

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