Below you will find a comprehensive chart detailing each grade, their applications as well as measurements for stainless pipe products.

tolerances chemistry-and-mechanical

SpecificationGradeASTMShapeSize RangeLength
Welded Stainless Steel Pipe

Round1/2" to 8" NPS
Schedule 5 to Schedule 80

21' RL
Description: 304/304L stainless steel pipe is a strong, tough metal with high corrosion protection, high temperature resistance and the ability to be sterilized. It has high workability and can be manufactured to tight tolerances and welded. Due to increased levels of carbon in the alloy, 304L is not as wieldable as 304. These alloys are the most commonly used of the stainless steel alloys and are a cost-effective choice for most applications.
Application: 304/304L seamless pipe is used for moving liquids or gases in the food processing, diary, petrochemical, chemical, water treatment industries. Welded pipe is used for handrails, posts and poles in marine and outdoor applications.


A312Round1/4" to 4" NPS
Schedule 10 to Schedule 80
21' RL
Description: 316/316L stainless steel pipe is used for applications that require the high strength, toughness and workability, coupled with increased corrosion resistance. The alloy contains higher percentages of molybdenum and nickel than 304 stainless, increasing the corrosion resistance and making it an ideal material for applications in aggressive environments. 316L contains higher levels of carbon than 316 stainless, reducing its weldability.
Application: 316/316L seamless pipe is used for pressure operations to move liquids or gases in water treatment, waste treatment, petrol, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Welded pipe applications include handrails, poles and support pipe for salt water and corrosive environments.
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