Below you will find a comprehensive chart detailing each grade, their applications as well as measurements for alloy tube products.

tolerances chemistry-and-mechanical

SpecificationGradeASTMShapeSize RangeLength
Hot Finish Seamless
4140 Annealed
A519Round3" OD x 1/2" W
20" OD x 3" W

17'/24' RL
Description: Hot Finish Seamless tube is normally produced to O.D. and wall dimensions. It is a lower-cost product than Cold Drawn Seamless tube and is a good material for applications that do not require the close dimensional tolerances and quality of surface finish that Cold Drawn Seamless tube provides. If tight tolerances are required, machining is used to finish the product to exact specifications.
Application: Shafts, special tools and machined parts.
Cold Drawn Seamless
4140 A519Round3/4" OD x .083" W
8" OD x 1" W

17'/24' RL
Description: Cold Drawn Seamless tube is normally drawn to O.D. and wall dimensions. It has closer dimensional tolerances, better surface finish and higher mechanical properties than corresponding grades of Hot Finished Seamless.
Application: All forms of machined parts, rolls, shafts.
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